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CTX Fundraising

Did you know CTX Juniors is partnered with University of Texas? This partnership allows our families to volunteer to work UT events all year long to earn money to go towards their club fees, camps, clinics and/or private lessons. Volunteers are paid hourly and tips are split evenly between every CTX worker for that event. All CTX Juniors families can choose to participate in the fundraising for their athlete if they wish. Families can choose to work as many or as little events as they wish. We have a few families who have multiple seasons already paid off because of how many events they've worked! We understand the financial commitment of club volleyball is huge, this is our way to help every athlete to have an opportunity to play club volleyball! 

Fundraising earnings can not go towards season travel or the non-refundable deposit due at tryouts!

For more information please reach out to our Fundraising Director, Elsie 

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